Areas of Practice

Cyprus has gained its independence from Great Britain in 1960. Being a British former colony, it was inevitable that its legal system and the newly formed constitution would be based on the English Legal System and on common law.

When Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, EU law became part of the national law, and all laws needed to be harmonized and implemented with the EU laws and directives.

Our office provides services covering all aspects and areas of law in Cyprus, with a specialization in property and land law.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

There are and always will be disagreements in everyday life. When a disagreement leads to a dispute between two parties, we know that it can deeply affect both business and personal life.


From being instructed to draft any kind of agreement, until the actual signing and materialization of the agreement, our office has always been dedicated in providing our clients with the best advice and concluding to the best possible solution.

Corporate & Commercial ​

Company and Tax laws in Cyprus, the beneficial tax regime, and the wide implementation of double tax treaties, have made the island one of the most attractive in the region in relation to the registration and operation of companies.

Intellectual Property

Following and implementing the International and European Laws, Directives and Treaties, the Cyprus Intellectual Property regime has grown into a safe system where any trademark, patent and copyright can be entirely protected on national, European and international level.


Property law in Cyprus, an ex-British colony with its laws based on common law, provides for freehold and leasehold properties.


Our immigration team provides a variety of services related to Immigration Law. We have successfully dealt with a large number of citizenship applications, permanent residency applications and applications for a temporary permit.

Wills & Probates

Our extensive experience in the field of estate and inheritance planning, drafting and execution of wills and administration of estates, has resulted in enabling our team to deal even with the most complex cases of estate administration and probates.

Family Law

Legal issues are always stressful, especially when you’re dealing with family members. Matters of family law have the potential to affect some of life’s most important relationships.